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June 04

Swingers – Doug Liman starts out strong. (Film Review)

The Swing Revival was a relatively short period, really hitting its stride around 1995, but kind of petering out by the time the new century blew in. I was dating a guy at the time who kept wanting me to go with him to ceroc dancing lessons, and I confess, I thought he was mad. […]

June 03

Edge of Tomorrow – Doug Liman and what goes around comes around. (Film review)

I have to confess, I’m enjoying seeing Doug Liman getting some love at the moment. I do like his films a lot, a position I can only defend by the wishy-washy statement that his films always entertain me and never offend me, which (I guess) does make him stand out in the crowd. By no […]

May 24

The Bourne Identity – Doug Liman and the start of something big. (Film review)

It was for a good reason it was supposed the Jason Bourne films might eventually become an American answer to the James Bond films. When Doug Liman’s The Bourne Identity first appeared on the big screens, we weren’t necessarily unfamiliar with the plotting, but the director of the successful Swingers in 1996 and Go in […]

May 24

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Doug Liman and the casting of the centrury. (Film Review)

Anyway you slice it, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a contemporary classic – and yes yes yes, I know what the common contrarian thinking is on this issue, but the reason “everyone hates” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is the same reason that makes Mr. And Mrs. Smith work so perfectly well. There is something […]