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May 20

Mistaken for Strangers – The National, The Berningers and rock stars. (Sydney FF Film Review)

Music films are a highlight of the Sydney Film Festival this year and among them is the heartwarming, fascinating Mistaken for Strangers. Officially, Mistaken For Strangers is a rock documentary about The National and the biggest world tour they had yet encountered. The National are a fascinating band because – as the title of the […]

SFF: Whore’s Glory – Sex, money and death with Michael Glawogger.

“Prostitution is not to be condemned or defended,” Mr. Glawogger writes. “Prostitution simply is. It is like war. War is.” I’ve been out of this film an hour and because I will see so many films over the next week and a half, it is my intention to write about the films after I have seen them. […]