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May 30

Maleficent – Female power and the complete failure of critical analysis. (Film Review)

This review will include spoilers, which means I can’t post it on IMDB or most other places, but I can’t speak frankly about the problems of the films critique without spoilers, so I’m going with the spoilers. Be warned. Without any doubt, the most astonishing thing about the film Maleficent is the appalling inability of […]

December 19

Frozen – The cold never bothered me anyway! Disney’s princess’ go feminist. (Film Review)

Please note there are spoilers in this review. Frozen is purportedly based on the Hans Christian Anderson children’s story, ‘The Snow Queen‘, but it actually seems more like Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Shane Morris had a moment of inspiration when they heard “Let It Go” written by the wife and husband team of Kristen […]