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March 13

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein – Genesian Theatre electrifies the brilliant novel. (Theatre review)

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Genesian Theatre 7 March – 12 April. Tickets available here. Photograph credits to Mark Banks There has been much talk of Frankenstein lately. A new screen production, and the Ensemble theatre bringing its stage play version to life in 2013. Now, timed perfectly to offer an intelligent alternative to the latest film […]

July 13

Haus – Dimitri Armatas and the tragedy of cultural identity. (Theatre Review)

It is often thought that if you put a human being through the most trying circumstances you get to see what they are made of. The assumption is, the more pressure you apply, the more strength you will get in response. This is an observation made by witnesses, not protagonists, because only as the observer […]