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August 05

Detroit – Who are our neighbours and how do we speak to them? (Theatre review)

Detroit Darlinghurst Theatre Company 17 July – 16 August You can grab your tickets here Images my Gez Xavier Mansfield Seeing Lisa D’Amour’s Detroit performed in 2015 in a city that is so affluent our major concern is how every citizen can afford to buy a house and realise the dream of the outdoor room, […]

June 01

Only Lovers Left Alive – Jim Jarmusch and the dark Eden. (Film Review)

  Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive, a film that is so pathologically cool it practically argues for it as a brand of aestheticism, is the current manifestation of Jarmusch’s ongoing relationship between his artistic self (The Artist) and his heritage as an American, which he claims to be made up of a collection of […]