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February 01

Beyond Therapy – Christopher Durang and the modern marriage. (Theatre Review)

Beyond Therapy King Street Theatre and Understudy Theatre 28 Jan to 14 Feb. You can grab your tickets here. Christopher Durang writes a deceptively complex script using absurdist narrative structures to laugh at a topic he clearly takes very seriously in Beyond Therapy which is still a little like watching a 70’s American sit-com if […]

February 23

Privates on Parade – Alice Livingstone modernises Peter Nichols big questions. (Theater Review)

British self-consciousness is rarely a serious thing. Self criticism is often performed through comedy or parody and is part of why we love British humour so much – it seems so much smarter than what other nations can produce. Set in 1948, Privates on Parade sits in the early stages of that political oddity known as the Malayan emergency and follows […]