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January 02

This is Water – David Foster Wallace and the compassionate life. (Book Review)

The absolute capital-T Truth is about life before death.  it is about making it to thirty, or maybe even fifty, without wanting to shoot yourself in the head. David Foster Wallace did make it to thirty without shooting himself in the head, but he didn’t make it to fifty without killing himself, although his speech, […]

Books that make you undatable

The H Post ran an article today called “9 Books that make you undatable” that set my mind to wondering. Is there a book that, if seen on a potential lovers night stand, would have me running for the hills?  I mean books are very important to me. Are they are worthy barometer for those I want […]

More than Interesting: The Tumours of Matthew Revert.

  In the film ‘We Need to talk about Kevin’ a debate rages (following on from the book) about the nature of Kevin’s psychopathy and his relationship to his mother. Kevin is bad. His mother struggles with his ‘bad-ness’. I‘ve heard this book (and now film) described as the lamentations of the middle class housewife. […]

Tomas Tranströmer wins the Nobel Prize for Literature 2011

I hadn’t read much of surrealist poet  Tomas Tranströmer until recently when a revived interest in Poetry (thank you Blandine Longre and Paul Stubs) had me engaging with my google search bar and my ‘great contemporary poets’  generic feed. I’m glad I read some, because he won the Nobel Prize for Literature today (anyone who […]