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Alien City – Alien City (1979): A little pre-punk in the post -punk era.

“Alien City was composed over a period of five years. It is a song cycle of epic proportions centering around the incarnation of Celestial Visitors to this planet. They take youthful bodies with the soul mission of increasing the intelligence of the human race. Alas, in their compassionate endeavors they become trapped in the pernicious […]

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence: One of the best war films ever made.

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence is Nagisa Oshima’s 26th film and the third last one made.  He has had three strokes in his old age and it is unlikely there will ever be another one. It is based on a book called The Seed and the Sower written by Laurens Van Der Post. Merry Christmas Mr […]

Getting In League with the Humans

In 1977 something very exciting happened. Two young dudes – Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh were working on one of those youth arts projects (Meatwhsitle – a prime feeder of Fringe festivals from what I can gather)  as computer operators and … they met. A mutual love of avant guard music and being interested […]