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June 10

Venus in Fur – Grace Barnes and broadness of perspective. (Theatre Review)

Venus in Fur has been all the rage since it’s 2010 debut, strangely tapping into a BDSM trend that has hit the main stream with a flourish. The culmination of its success is the late 2014 film adaptation by Roman Polanski that remains close to the source material and is still fresh in the mind […]

November 09

Dalylight Saving – Nick Enright and the dominance of the sitcom. (Theatre review)

Daylight Saving Darlinghurst Theatre Company Eternity Playhouse, 31 October to 30 November – You can grab your Tickets here. Why do we leave our marriages? Rarely, and usually restricted to the hallowed halls of abandon in Las Vegas, do we enter into marriage lightly. It is something talked over with everyone we love, it is […]

October 06

The Motherfucker With The Hat – Moral relativism on the New York streets. (Theatre Review)

The Motherfucker With The Hat Workhorse Theatre Company Darlinghurst theatre 19 September to 19 October You can buy your tickets here. Photos by Kurt Sneddon Moral relativism is one of the oldest conversations between humans since we learnt how to talk to each other. Too often it is used by the emotionally pampered as an […]

August 26

Constellations – Nick Payne, chance and free will. (Theatre Review)

Constellations Darlinghurst Theatre Company 13 August – 7 September You can grab your tickets here. Qantam mechanics and the theory of relativity are the already becoming tired symbols of “intelligence”. they are particularly thrilling in the wake of the weird idea we got that science could replace God – despite not being completely sure of […]

July 09

Every Second – Shannon Murphy and the race to the egg. (Theatre Review)

Every Second Darlinghurst Theatre Company June 27 to July 27  – You can buy your tickets here. What is it to want to give birth to a child in a world staggering under the weight of its unwanted children? Surely the problem of infertility is not childlessness, it is an inability to perpetuate one’s genes. […]