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August 26

Constellations – Nick Payne, chance and free will. (Theatre Review)

Constellations Darlinghurst Theatre Company 13 August – 7 September You can grab your tickets here. Qantam mechanics and the theory of relativity are the already becoming tired symbols of “intelligence”. they are particularly thrilling in the wake of the weird idea we got that science could replace God – despite not being completely sure of […]

July 09

Every Second – Shannon Murphy and the race to the egg. (Theatre Review)

Every Second Darlinghurst Theatre Company June 27 to July 27  – You can buy your tickets here. What is it to want to give birth to a child in a world staggering under the weight of its unwanted children? Surely the problem of infertility is not childlessness, it is an inability to perpetuate one’s genes. […]

May 23

The Young Tycoons – Darlinghurst Theatre Company and the resurrection of mistakes. (Theatre review)

The Young Tycoons Darlinghurst Theatre Company and Spooky Duck Productions Eternity Playhouse 16 May to 15 June.  Buy your tickets here.  It’s a shame, in this county, we don’t have more theatrical satire on some of our greatest high-profile melodramas, because this form of humour seems to suit Australian wit perfectly. After all, it was […]

April 18

The Gigli Concert – The power and problem of words. (Theatre review)

The Gigli Concert Darlinghurst Theatre Company 9 April – 4 May Eternity Playhouse – Tickets here. Photos by Wendy McDougall If waiting to act is the purpose in life for Vladimir and Estragon who observe the world as outsiders waiting for the perfect moment to delve right in, then the act itself is the temporal […]