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October 26

Festival Fatale – Lisa chats with Lana Schwarcz. (Theatre interview)

Festival Fatale: Lovely Lady Lump Eternity Theatre, 27 October. You can grab more info about the festival as well as tickets here. The important and exciting Festival Fatale is on again at The Eternity Playhouse in Darlinhurst tomorrow, and I was lucky enough to catch the HILARIOUS (and astonishningly bright) Lana Schwarcz. I have written […]

October 05

Maggie Stone – White people and their white money. (Theatre Review)

Maggie Stone Darlinghurst Theatre Company 30 September – 21 October. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Robert Catto In August 2001, after the Tampa affair and censure from the Norwegian Government on grounds of violation of human rights, the Australian Government introduced The Pacific Solution which saw asylum seekers detained on Nauru before entering […]

September 21

In Real Life – Is intelligence ever real? (Theatre Review)

In Real Life Darlinghurst Theatre Company Eternity Playhouse 15 Sept – 15 Oct. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Phil Erbacher Being good at chess does not make you a genius, and the fact that humans think it does (by consensus) is part of our problem with Artificial Intelligence. Work on artificial intelligence is […]

February 20

The Pride – The complex relationship between nihilism, society and love. (Theatre Review)

The Pride Darlinghurst Theatre Company Eternity Playhouse till 6 March. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Helen White It can be argued that the tragedy of the modern human condition, is we are forced to deal with nihilism after the death of God. The great metaphysical dream, exemplified in the fifties, of the soul […]

April 24

Deathtrap – A play on a play within a play. (Theatre Review)

Deathtrap Darlinghurst Theatre Company At the Eternity Playhouse, 15Apri to 10 May, You can grab your tickets here. Images Helen White Deathtrap is a play within a play within a play on most of the things that we deem important in the play – at the superficial level at least. It throbs with clever association […]

February 13

Gaybies – The kids are alright at The Eterntiy Playhouse. (Theatre Review)

Gaybies  6 Feb to 8 March at Eternity Playhouse (Darlinghurst Theatre Company) You can grab your tickets here. Photo credits: Helen White One of my favourite pieces of nostalgia is Reality Bites, mostly for the single moment when Janeane Garofalo stares into the camera and says with all the wreck and woe of early twenties […]

October 06

The Motherfucker With The Hat – Moral relativism on the New York streets. (Theatre Review)

The Motherfucker With The Hat Workhorse Theatre Company Darlinghurst theatre 19 September to 19 October You can buy your tickets here. Photos by Kurt Sneddon Moral relativism is one of the oldest conversations between humans since we learnt how to talk to each other. Too often it is used by the emotionally pampered as an […]

August 26

Constellations – Nick Payne, chance and free will. (Theatre Review)

Constellations Darlinghurst Theatre Company 13 August – 7 September You can grab your tickets here. Qantam mechanics and the theory of relativity are the already becoming tired symbols of “intelligence”. they are particularly thrilling in the wake of the weird idea we got that science could replace God – despite not being completely sure of […]

July 09

Every Second – Shannon Murphy and the race to the egg. (Theatre Review)

Every Second Darlinghurst Theatre Company June 27 to July 27  – You can buy your tickets here. What is it to want to give birth to a child in a world staggering under the weight of its unwanted children? Surely the problem of infertility is not childlessness, it is an inability to perpetuate one’s genes. […]

May 23

The Young Tycoons – Darlinghurst Theatre Company and the resurrection of mistakes. (Theatre review)

The Young Tycoons Darlinghurst Theatre Company and Spooky Duck Productions Eternity Playhouse 16 May to 15 June.  Buy your tickets here.  It’s a shame, in this county, we don’t have more theatrical satire on some of our greatest high-profile melodramas, because this form of humour seems to suit Australian wit perfectly. After all, it was […]