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8 Femmes – Francois Ozon alludes to anything and everything.

I’m not the only film viewer to see a nod to Comte de Lautréamont’s Les Chants de Maldoror as well as the more obvious ode to Technicolor, musicals, and of course to the Georges Cukor’s The Women.  IN fact I would have to say this film shines in paradoy more than it does in the watching. I enjoyed […]

The Earings of Madame de: 1950’s French Cinema chic

“Whenever love touches history, events of the past belong to the present.” What a glorious pleasure it was to be immersed in The Earings of Madame De for an evening. The sumptuous filming, the beautiful costumes, the witty and sophisticated complex story line. The basic story is: a silly spoilt wife of a General sells […]