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November 20

The Serpents Teeth – A peaceful reminder of the costs of war. (Theatre Review)

The Serpents Teeth Hasemann, Ball & Radda Productions and bAKEHOUSE Theatre company 9 – 24 November. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Clare Hawley In recent days, French president Emmanuel Macron has called for an EU army to compliment NATO. He has been supported by the outgoing Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel who, in her […]

February 05

Mother – Daniel Keene and the radical refusal of judgement. (Theatre Review)

Mother Belvoir theatre, January 24 – February 11. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Brett Boardman There is a time with all passions when they are merely fatalities, when they drag their victim down with the weight of their folly and then again later when they are ‘spiritualized.’ Traditionally we have been at […]