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March 22

A Bigger Splash -What’s below the surface can remain buried. (Film review)

A Bigger Splash The nymphete swanning about her mother orĀ father’s house in bikinis is a creature that never existed except in the minds of unpleasant males who chose to interpret a person before them in the most superficial manner. No teen girl, no matter how she pretends at social courage is confidently seducing much older […]

October 10

Black Mass – Deep chracterisation reveals there is no honour among theives. (Film review)

  Black Mass has been accused of unsuccessfully mimicking its predecessors such as Goodfellas. It’s a tedious and lazy comparison that again reinforces the over-hyped adulation of Scorsese and further entrenched that film in particular as the ultimate bench mark for gangster film perfection. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Goodfellas, but it can’t defend […]

February 15

Fifty Shades of Grey – A fan film for females crazy like that. (Film Review)

  In a marvellous ‘fuck you’ to the critics (Rotten Tomatoes has Fifty Shades of Grey currently marked down to 28% by the 3/4 male critical audience) Universal refused previews, knowing from the start the film was directed specifically to the fans and more interestingly that the target audience would grow with word of mouth […]