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Conrad Schnitzler – Ricardo Villalobos – Max Loderbauer – Zug reshaped and remodeled

I have a lovely little treat for you lucky lucky readers today! Anyone who reads this blog knows of my deep abiding love of Conrad Schnitzler and my appreciation for what he did within the world of electronic music. Of course I’m not the only one who feels this way about him.  M=Minimal have dedicated a large […]

Conrad Schnitzler: Endtime – A final farewell

On the fourth of August 2011 the world lost a little piece of greatness. Conrad Schnitzler died and those of us with a passion for electronic music – among whom I happily count myself – lost one of the great masters of cybernetic sound. Of course the wonderful man died while working on another project, […]

Creel Pone #2: Experimental music at its most embracing.

This article is continued on from the previous one which can be found here. True to its ad-hock style the Creel Pone package continues on randomly, taking the happy listener on a dance through time and transformative listening. There have been a few ‘lists’ for me that have changed my ability to listen – and […]