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August 25

The Essential Film reviews. Current reviews posted elsewhere.

  I’ve covered some of the current films showing over at The Essential, so I thought I’d give all my lovely readers a heads up. Palo Alto A film I greatly enjoyed, even if it seemed as though Sophia Copola played it a little too safe: “Events shaping us are as meaningless as those we […]

January 08

Autumn Spring – Vladimír Michálek and the influence of death. (Film Review)

Like many Czech films, Autumn Spring cannot be defined by its surface matter, and considering Vladimír Michálek’s first feature film was an adaptation of Franz Kafkas novel ‘Amerika’, it is safe to assume the absurdism is emblematic of something other than what it appears to be. Autumn Spring uses some tropes / actors of the Czech New […]

November 15

I served the King of England – Jiri Menzel’s take on Bohumil Hrabal just after the Prague Spring.

I got the distinct feeling all the way through I served the King of England, that i was missing the “in” joke. It’s entirely likely of course – I’m not Czech, and I’ve never read the book. There is something deeply beautiful about Jan Dítĕ (Ivan Barnev) despite his rather appalling opportunism. Jiri Menzel made this […]

Closely Watched Trains: The Czech New Wave consistently ahead of its time.

Last night I watched the most glorious film. How can there be this much beauty in the world? Closely Watched Trains is a film I had been looking forward to watching for a long time and finally received in the post this week. The film did not let me down. Listed as one of the standouts of the Czech […]