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August 05

Detroit – Who are our neighbours and how do we speak to them? (Theatre review)

Detroit Darlinghurst Theatre Company 17 July – 16 August You can grab your tickets here Images my Gez Xavier Mansfield Seeing Lisa D’Amour’s Detroit performed in 2015 in a city that is so affluent our major concern is how every citizen can afford to buy a house and realise the dream of the outdoor room, […]

December 09

River – Claire Lovering and lonliness. (Theatre Review)

River Old 505 Theatre The difference between loneliness and solitude is more than choice, and it is more than circumstances. We know we can feel lonely in a crowd and we know that we can feel a overwhleming connection with everything in the universe in solitude. In her introduction to River, Claire Lovering writes a […]

August 05

Mr Kolpert – Pantsguys, Rope and the Albee in us all. (Theatre Review)

Mr Kolpert Pantsguys Productions ATYP from 30 July to 16 August. You can grab your tickets here. Photography: Kate Williams Surely the thrill in the underlying current of misbehavior (tween smoking at its least, calculated murder at its best) lies in the aftermath. Rules and their consequences are made for three reasons: to prevent bad […]