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March 16

Performance (A Late Quartet) – Yaron Zilberman’s astonishing debut. (film review)

It is so interesting that I saw The Paperboy a week or so ago, and I put the writing problems of that film down to inexperience.  Then I go to see Performance (titled A Late Quartet in the States) and it is easily one of the best films of 2012, coming from a first time […]

November 13

Seven Psychopaths Review – Martin McDonagh goes cute n’ clever on the art of the screenplay.

Seven Psychopaths is one of those really cute and really clever takes on the Hollywood screenplay.  I have to say up front that Martin McDonagh (who writes this as well as directs it) is giving Tarentino the elbow here in a film that is sort of homage sort of pay-out, sort of frustrated attempt to […]