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June 16

21 Jump Street – Phillip Lord and Christopher Miller on how to get guns into schools. (Film Review)

What saved 21 Jump Street from being a total yawn fest, was the great one liners and the surprise appearance of Channing Tatum as something other than beefcake (comic beefcake) who has good timing. The first 21 Jump Street was loaded with the exaggerated praise reserved for this sort of fan-boy film worship of macho-ism […]

April 04

The Lego Movie – Made by those who love Lego for those who love Lego. (Film review)

If you’re reading all the reviews of The Lego Movie, and they become oddly analogous, strangely lacking insight given the overwhelmingly positive scores, you would be forgiven for thinking the cinematic off-season has driven super-hero/super-natural weary critics into a frenzy of appreciation for anything that isn’t going to ask them to analyse a relationship between […]