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February 13

Ma Mere – Christophe Honoré and Bataille on the silver screen. (film review)

I love Bataille for many reasons but one of the biggest is his ability to circle around the beautiful and the ugly as if each can be interchanged in a perpetual whirlpool or vortex slung over our base desires. When Christophe Honoré decided to make a film of Batailles unfinished novel published posthumously, he took […]

FFF: Beloved – Les Bien-Aimes, songs, mothers and daughters.

I had a most peculiar relationship to this film. I really disliked it when I saw it in the cinema. I have never seen a Christophe Honoré film before, and this was a problem. If you intend to see this film, I strongly recommend finding out about the sorts of films he makes, as this will […]