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December 16

‘Tis the Season – Die Hard and Lethal Weapon use Christmas to promote white values and the LAPD.

  I wrote an article for The Essential recently on the use of two of our most beloved cop films as positive promotion of white LA cops at the height of their notoriory. Check it out here: In 1986, the LAPD purchased a fourteen-ton armored breaching vehicle the use of which was essential to smashing […]

December 14

White Reindeer – Zach Clark brings a Christmas tale with a twist. (Film Review)

Munching through the Christmas paraphernalia, from ‘C’ movies through ‘C’ music to ‘C’ food, we arrive at a cute little indie called White Reindeer released in 2013. Perhaps a little somber to become a Christmas staple, Zach Clarke has written and directed a simple enough flick that combines enough of the right elements to have […]