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March 04

Mike Cooper and Chris Abrahams play the Sound Lounge. (Music review)

I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful gig here in Sydney on Friday night.  The amazing Mike Cooper, who started as a Blues guitarist and a singer-songwriter, is currently in Australia and he performed his amazing post-deconstruted-avant-bending brand of circular blues infused sounds along side of the great Chris Abrahams, most famously from The […]

March 01

Cooper / Abrahams duo at the Seymour Centre in Sydney tonight. Catch it if you can. (music performance)

For those lucky enough to be in Sydney at the moment, two of my absolute favorite artists are playing together tonight at the Sima lounge at the Seymour Centre. Mike Cooper and Chris Abrahams will be there playing together. A collaboration that has meant a lot to both for some time. If I were a […]

February 23

VA – Fukushima! Artists answer the call for beauty. (Music Review) Disc Two

This post is the second in a series of two looking at the double disc. For the first part of the review, please go here.  This double disc collection is inspired by a lecture given by Otomo Yoshihide.  The lecture can be found here and is well worth the reading. Disc two is composed of […]

February 04

Tremolo – Mike Majkowski’s writhing sound. (music review)

It’s only the start of February in this new year and I have already had one of the busiest years on record. By all accounts its only going to hot up over the next few weeks and months, but on Saturday night I am going to see one of my favorite Australian Jazz bands perform. […]

Roil – Frost Frost: Jazz Improv and beauty alive and well in Sydney

I’m off to see The Necks tonight – lucky lucky me – so there will be a review of that concert tomorrow. Today I thought I would review Roil Frost Frost, as they are another Sydney Jazz improv band – an off shoot project of The Necks Pianist Chris Abrahams in fact. Roil is: a […]