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April 14

Cough – Emily Calder and the question of who frightens who? (Theatre Review)

Cough Unhappen Theatre Company April 10 – 20 You can purchase tickets here.  Read my interview with Emily Calder here. If the world of childhood is a strange journey of misunderstandings, skewed observations, unexplained feelings, irrational beliefs and intense happiness buttressed against dark fears, then it is nothing compared to parenting. Childhood is perpetually defined […]

March 21

Motherhood Out Loud – Insomniac Theatre says the unsayable as we laugh. (Theatre review)

Motherhood Out Loud Insomniac Theatre (buy tickets here) March 19 – April 6 2014 It seems at its surface, that we talk about parenting constantly, but like our perpetual discussion of sex, it is not so much quantity but quality that defines the value of the public discourse; Sometimes the endless conversation is there to […]