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FFF: The Look – Charlotte Rampling gives us a self portrait through others.

The Look opens with an incredibly evocative moment.  Charlotte Rampling is looking out over the New York harbour. The camera moves in behind her and in slow motion she turns and removes her sunglasses and BANG!  The Camera freezes. And there is it. The Look. That which she is most famous for and the title […]

FFF: Paris-Manhattan review

I saw this little flick tonight at the French film Festival. OK – It’s not the Charlotte Rampling documentary, nor is the final night screening of Francois Truffaut’s The Last Metro (how much do you think I can’t wait for THAT one!!) but it was a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. […]

Melancholia: An exquisite chicks flick.

I saw Melancholia on the weekend. The reviews are mixed about this film. I enjoyed reading them (sort of – as usual some are better than others) but there DID seem to be a male female divide among them. Many male reviewers really hated the film (yawn) and many female reviewers really loved the film – citing […]