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July 11

Magic Mike XXL – Unapologetically one for the ladies. (Film Review)

“It’s not bro time it’s show time – are you guys ready?” I plead with my friends to spare a thought for the heterosexual feminist. Falling in love with a man always demands a dose of Stockholm syndrome and for most hetro-identified feminists, myself included, anger is your only defense, your only friend and your […]

January 12

Foxcatcher – The bleak world of American capital. (Film Review)

Number one on the seven social sins penned by Mohandas K Gandhi in Young India in 1925 is Wealth Without Work. Foxcatcher is a film primarily about Capitalism and why it’s dying. In many ways it is the third in a trilogy by Bennett Miller, starting with Capote, about the commodification of crime, turning to […]

June 16

21 Jump Street – Phillip Lord and Christopher Miller on how to get guns into schools. (Film Review)

What saved 21 Jump Street from being a total yawn fest, was the great one liners and the surprise appearance of Channing Tatum as something other than beefcake (comic beefcake) who has good timing. The first 21 Jump Street was loaded with the exaggerated praise reserved for this sort of fan-boy film worship of macho-ism […]

February 27

Side Effects – Steven Soderbergh and the twisting plot combined with the old chestnut. (film review)

Steven Soderbergh started his career with Sex Lies and Videotape and for that one film alone, he has a lot of credibility with me, no matter how high is “Ocean’s” count goes. He’s an interesting director, the  way he can move rather seamlessly between big budget, low substance, Hollywood blockbusters and high-grade art house films.  […]