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November 19

777 – Ryu Hankil and Bryan Eubanks are the confessional outsider. (Music review)

  I have had a wonderful time working my way through the Cathnor recordings.  Richard Pinell has just about as fine an ear as anyone interested in this sort of music, and what he’s put together in his catalogue are starting to hold many of my favourite recordings – recordings I return to time and […]

Wedding Ceremony – experiencing sound detached from its source.

Wedding Ceremony Lucio Capece/Julia Eckhardt/Christian Kesten/Radu Malfatti/Toshimaru Nakamura/Taku Sugimoto Cathnor Wedding Ceremony is a collection of performances primarily relating to the positioning of sound within a room. Each of the five pieces were recorded live, apparently culled from two sets in Belgium, May 2007. Art is primarily a social experience  a relationship between giving voice to something and being […]

Toc Sine – Drawings: Music defining the act of creation.

Despite what we think, the hurly-burly swirl that is our lives today is a choice. We talk about and act as though we are overwhelmed as life and the world come crashing in on us, but the truth is, we can turn off the internet, we can turn off our phone, we can pick up a book […]

Marc Baron – ∩: Outsider music at its most outside

Seven tracks, all exactly seven minutes long. The Cathnor website says: A seven part composition involving saxophone, silence, guttaral splutters and a few other items aside. Individual, unusual music by one of the most intriguing musicians around today. I don’t know a great deal bout Marc Baron, though I’ve done a bit of searching. This is […]