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August 24

Red 2 – Dean Parisot and the boomers who kick ass. (film review)

Warren Ellis wrote RED (Retired-Extremly-Dangerous) in 2003 and 2004 and except for the coming-out-of-retirement plot line, pretty much the rest of the film(s) based on the comic strip have steered away from the original. Ellis was quoted as saying the comic and film had to be different because the film needed far more content than […]

February 27

Side Effects – Steven Soderbergh and the twisting plot combined with the old chestnut. (film review)

Steven Soderbergh started his career with Sex Lies and Videotape and for that one film alone, he has a lot of credibility with me, no matter how high is “Ocean’s” count goes. He’s an interesting director, the  way he can move rather seamlessly between big budget, low substance, Hollywood blockbusters and high-grade art house films.  […]