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January 01

2014: An interesting year in film. The best films I saw last year.

Well, I hate lists, because they are always about the list maker and project the kind of misplaced authority grading always implies. I spend a great deal of time trying to work out why I like or don’t like a film, examining my initial responses against my always evolving barometer for integrity, and searching for […]

June 11

Abuse of Weakeness – Catherine Breillat and the solitary female creative. (SFF Film Review)

Abuse of Weakness is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival. You can grab your tickets here. Abuse of Weakness opens with pure, crisp white bed sheets, the movement of a body beneath them. the camera pans up on Isabelle Huppert as she is waking from her sleep. Her left arm reaches for her right, […]

May 19

The Sydney Film Festival 2014

The Sydney Film Festival starts in just over two weeks time and the buzz has well and truly started – particularly seeing as the great man himself stars in one of the festival highlights – and I’m talking about Nick Cave here, not Robert Pattinson. So far the festival lineup is interesting with highlights such […]

September 23

Fat Girl – Catherine Breillat crushes the coming-of-age flick. (Film Review)

I get so bored From Six to Ten From Ten to Six From Six to Six. All my life, both day and night I get so bored If only I could find Alive or dead, a man, a body, An Animal, I don’t mind, Just to dream As an antidote to the tiresome coming-of-age films where […]