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December 07

Truth – Truth and bias and the old journalism. (Film Review)

It is no casual thing that James Vanderbilt’s Truth casts Robert Redford as Dan Rather in its depiction of the death of the values associated with journalistic integrity. Bob Woodward himself playing the man that “was there when the news became profitable” is the ultimate symbol of the death of investigative journalism. Robert Redford played […]

January 26

Bad – Thinking theatre at its best. (Theatre Review)

  Bad The Old Fitz Theatre Late Show 14 – 31 January. You can buy your tickets here.  Photo Credits – Yael Stempler Most welcome at the Old Fitz is the late night offering Bad, written and performed by Kate Walder and Penny Greenhalagh, an all girl clown performance exploring the question of ‘Bad’ theatre through […]

October 01

The Films of David Fincher – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. (Film Review)

There is never any point obsessing over film awards, least of all the American Academy Awards, but I have to say, how Zodiac missed any nominations and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ever garnered anything other than a tech achievement nod is a mystery greater than the identity of the Zodiac killer. I know […]

September 17

Blue Jasmine – Woody Allen and Cate Blanchett make ugly lovely. (Film Review)

Make no mistake, I like Woody Allen films – but that’s a little like saying “I’m not racist, some of my best friends are black” because it can seem like an apologist statement on its own. One of my favorite films is Husbands and Wives, even with the rabid stealing from Bergman’s Scenes from a […]