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July 23

We are the Himalayas – Brave New Word theatre company and the courage of dissent (Theatre Review)

We are the Himalayas Brave New Word Theatre Company 3rd July to the 27th of July. You can grab your tickets here. For Alain Badiou, when we collectively count the dead of a Gulag or of the Cultural Revolution, we must include the dead of Capitalism (from colonialism to world wars and proxy wars) and […]

June 27

We are the Hymalayas: Lisa chats with Mark Langham (Theatre interview)

We are the Himalayas Brave New Word Theatre Company July 3 – 21. You can grab your tickets here. What a great joy for this little commie gen X’er to be able to legitimately dip into the world of Communist Russia to prepare questions for We are The Himalayas! I was able to indulge in […]

October 12

Lie with Me – An exciting new perspective on the question of feminine agency. (Theatre Review)

Lie With Me Brave New Word Theatre Company 2 – 13 October You can grab your tickets here. Mary Daly suggests in her 1978 book Gyn/Ecology that just as it may take a village to raise it child, it naturally follows that it takes a village to distort and retard the mind of a child. […]

October 05

Lie with Me – Lisa chats with Liz Hobart (Theatre Interview)

  The burden placed on women to be ‘good mothers’ starts much earlier than than pregnancy and never ends. It’s an irrational pathology with its societal roots in our own desire to keep our mother ‘for us’ and a refusal to see her as anything other than the incubator and nurturer of our own magnificence. […]

November 16

Asylum – A built house closed off to the other, to others. (Theatre review)

Asylum Brave New Word Theatre Company 15 November – 25 November You can grab your tickets here. Images: David Hooley When Craig (David Woodland) interviews Hajir (Eli Saad) to ascertain his asylum status, he adheres to a series of stick rules that are carefully developed value judgements already stuck in the norms of platonic truth. […]

November 25

Last Drinks / Two Mouths Four Hands – fresh works and ideas in Balmain. (Theatre Review)

Last Drinks/Two Mouths Four Hands Exchange Hotel Balmain November 17 through to 26. You can grab your tickets here. Images David Hooley Immediately striking when one has the pleasure of attending Last Drinks and Two Mouths Four Hands, is the complimenting perspectives of a female and male writer. Telling is the mood and tone of […]

July 08

Of Monopoly and Women – Interview with Sascha Hall (Theatre interview)

Of Monopoly and Women Brave New Word Theatre Company Exchange Hotel Balmain. You can grab tickets here.   Tomorrow night, I am headed off to the opening night of Of Monopoly and Women.¬†Following the sell out season of Dancing Naked in the Backyard, Brave New Word is back with its next original Aussie work, Of […]

April 18

Dancing naked in the Backyard – Brave New Word and the politics of living. (Theatre Review)

Dancing Naked In The Backyard April 15 – 26 Tap Gallery (purchase tickets here) It is always a strange thing to see Australian white people fighting over Aboriginal land as if they owned it, as if they had rights to it, as if trading their own invented currency that they decided has value, can ever […]