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November 11

20 Years Ago Today – Interview with the Vampire. (Film Review)

  Richard Pattinson was worried at one point there that his stint as Edward Cullen might hurt his career, yet he only needed to be reminded that Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Antonio Banderas had all survived the “hot young vampire” curse and gone on to have very long term successful careers – not to […]

October 01

The Films of David Fincher – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. (Film Review)

There is never any point obsessing over film awards, least of all the American Academy Awards, but I have to say, how Zodiac missed any nominations and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ever garnered anything other than a tech achievement nod is a mystery greater than the identity of the Zodiac killer. I know […]

September 29

The Films of David Fincher – Fight Club (Film Review)

If Fincher works in tandems, runs his films in partnerships ( the serial killer duo Se7en and Zodiac, The airport novel duo TGWTDT and Gone Girl, the style over substance duo TCCaseOBB and The Social Network) then there is no doubt that Fight Club runs hot off the heels of The Game. Their central message, […]

September 28

The Films of David Fincher – Se7en. (Film Review)

  Se7en is the second time David Fincher has insisted on a weirdo number title that doesn’t make much sense other than to look kewl, but fortunately it is the last. It is also the first time we see Fincher in all his 126 minute glory after the debacle three years earlier of the third […]

May 24

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Doug Liman and the casting of the centrury. (Film Review)

Anyway you slice it, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a contemporary classic – and yes yes yes, I know what the common contrarian thinking is on this issue, but the reason “everyone hates” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is the same reason that makes Mr. And Mrs. Smith work so perfectly well. There is something […]

January 16

12 Years a Slave – Steve McQueen assuages white guilt. (Film Review)

When the Howard Government won a mandate in this country in 2004, part of which stood on the shoulders of their unprecedented poor treatment of asylum seekers that included incarceration and bald-faced lies about these people trying to drown their children in order to curry favour with the Australian public, compensation was made for leading […]

November 27

The Counselor – Cormac McCarthy and Ridley Scott bring writing to front and centre. (Film Review)

One can usually assume the swelling vortex of Oscar contenders brings with it more quality films this time of year than any other, and there are some excellent films out at the moment, but the best I’ve seen do not have any hope of competing for Oscar glory. It is also fair to say some […]

June 14

World War Z – Brad Pitt and Marc Forster show us it’s cool to be PC (Film Review)

As far as end of the world genre pics, you could do a lot worse than World War Z which isn’t saying much for it, but remains true none the less. This is a fast paced scary thrill ride of a film that will probably make a lot of money despite its budget of two […]

Killing them Softly – Andrew Dominik reveals America is a business.

When I saw Killing Them Softly on the line up at the Sydney Film Festival I confess I did a wide berth. I was like “oh god – ANOTHER one?” about this film. I know there is nothing fresh in cinema (supposedly) and I know Lars von Triers Melancholia is about the death and drudgery […]