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June 28

Água Viva – Clarice Lispector and reading the invisable text. (Book Review)

The journey one takes toward Clarice Lispector has a great deal to do with the way she is read. I came to her through Helene Cixous, and therefore she (CL) has become inseparable from me, as I experiment with my reading of her, paying almost as much attention to my internal carry-on-chorus that wobbles along […]

January 06

In the Future this Will Not be Necessary – Paul Samael and the cathartic voice. (Book review)

In The Future This Will Not Be Necessary by Paul Samael Published June 2012, Smashwords, ISBN: 9781476248400 Stream of consciousness, in literary theory, often represents the direct thoughts of the protagonist together with all that monkey-jumping-from-tree-to-tree thinking that is both the bane of every Westerners life together with being the primary impulse behind creativity and imagination. In linguistics and […]

October 13

The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton and the knowing influence of the infinite sky. (Book Review)

The Luminaries is a character driven novel in the style of the Victorian novel, meaning particular details about each character are written in small sidelines and circular explanatory asides that draw the reader close to each character, but also result in the kind of distant analysis that, for example, Jane Austen is so famous for. […]