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November 15

I served the King of England – Jiri Menzel’s take on Bohumil Hrabal just after the Prague Spring.

I got the distinct feeling all the way through I served the King of England, that i was missing the “in” joke. It’s entirely likely of course – I’m not Czech, and I’ve never read the book. There is something deeply beautiful about Jan Dítĕ (Ivan Barnev) despite his rather appalling opportunism. Jiri Menzel made this […]

Larks on a String: Jiří Menzel and Bohumil Hrabal defeat totalitarianism with spirit.

What a week in film I’ve had!  What a week anyway – but I have been so lucky as to have seen some of the most incredible films this week. I watched Larks on a String today, and all I can say is thank god I own it, because it is a film that I […]

Closely Watched Trains: The Czech New Wave consistently ahead of its time.

Last night I watched the most glorious film. How can there be this much beauty in the world? Closely Watched Trains is a film I had been looking forward to watching for a long time and finally received in the post this week. The film did not let me down. Listed as one of the standouts of the Czech […]