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October 06

I love you: A Story of Forbidden Love – Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

I love you – A story of Forbidden Love At the time of writing the production is over, however you can follow Sage for more information on future productions here. When Sage Godrei writes about Armenian women defying their father and mother and running off with a young man of choice rather than the one […]

October 05

The Gloveman – Fighting the spirit of finitude. (Theatre Review)

The Gloveman Actors Anonymous at Blood Moon Theatre October 4 – 14. You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Hayden Brotchie Photography Central to the question of appearance contrasted with reality in C.J. Naylor’s The Gloveman is the character of Hugh (Chris Miller), the criminal whose world is remade regardless of his intention. In The Gloveman, […]

June 29

The Viagra Monologues – Secret men’s business. (Theatre Review)

The Viagra Monologues Off the Avenue Productions and Blood Moon Theatre 16 June – 2 July You can grab your tickets here Why is it so difficult to talk about male sexuality properly? Contrary to the popular idea that feminism attacks male sexuality, perhaps it is the discipline most interested in an honest examination of […]