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May 06

Farewell to the art posts.

It is with mixed feelings that I inform my regular readers of this blog (have I told you lately that I love you?) that I have removed virtually all the art posts from these pages. The reason behind this is, primarily, the spate of negative comments I received because I used Wikipedia as the information source. Because I […]

Norwegian Wood: Death, grief and sex.

Ok – so I am now reading this because the film is so alluring, I decided to take on my first Haruki Mirukami novel. (The great love recommended it to me as well, and who can resist that combination?) This novel has been called impossible to adapt for film. It is the fifth of Mirukami’s […]

Mouchette: The Muses never talk to each other, but sometimes they dance.

“For me the order and position of characters and the framing of the shot are the essence of cinema. They’re much more important than simple dramatic action which is only revealed through the form the shot takes. In cinema what matters is the form, and this must be given priority.”  Robert Bresson And so Mouchette begins with […]