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August 08

Life of Galileo – Colin Friels and the power to see. (Theatre Review)

Life of Galileo Belvoir Theatre 3 August to 15 September. You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Brett Boardman For Director Eamon Flack, Writer Tom Wright (who adapts this production from the Bertolt Brecht original) and actor Colin Friels, the play Life of Galileo makes a claim for contemporary relevance by exemplifying Galileo as man […]

May 09

Winyanboga Yurringa – Andrea James and the gathering of women. (Theatre Review)

Winyanboga Yurringa Belvoir Theatre 4 – 26 May You can grab your tickets here. Images: Brett Boardman In Top Girls, Caryl Churchill asks important questions of women that, according to Winyanboga Yurringa writer Andrea James, are universal, and yet require the destabilizing force of theatre as a trip in another’s shoes to expand beyond certain […]

October 13

An Enemy of the People – Chaos and The Real in the absence of a hero. (Theatre Review)

An Enemy of the People Belvoir Street Theatre 7  October to 4 November. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Brett Boardman An immediate point of interesting difference between Melissa Reeves adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People and the (in)famous Arthur Miller version is the sublimation of our heroes’ journey in the 2018 […]

July 29

A taste of Honey – Middle and working classes meet at the Kitchen sink. (Theatre Review)

A taste of Honey Belvoir Street Theatre 21 July – 19 August You can grab your tickets here. Images: Brett Boardman Kitchen Sink realism predates Punk Music by around ten to twenty years, but its intention to reflect segments of society back to mainstream culture carry a similar aesthetic, if with (perhaps) a touch more […]

June 15

Bliss – An insane 80’s integrated into the reserved 2018’s. (Theatre Review)

Bliss Belvoir Street Theatre 9-15 July. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Pia Johnson One can be accused of stating the obvious in claiming Peter Carey to be a master of allegory. But his explicit recognition of the power of allegory in expression and his own recourse to the unsaid, and in this particular […]

May 19

The Sugar House – Corruption and Philosophy in Sydney (Theatre Review)

  The Sugar House Belvoir Street Theatre 5 May – 3 June. You can grab your tickets here.  For June Macreadie (Kris McQuade) a Sydney woman in the 1960’s surviving the lower classes, questions of thought have to do with battles, frontlines and a balance of power between those you protect and the other seeking […]

April 09

Sami in Paradise – Crashing against a wall of magnitude. (Theatre Review)

Sami in Paradise Belvoir Theatre 1 – 29 April You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Clare Hawley When writing about theatre, it often happens that the subject matter with which one is to engage frustrates the critical drive. Either that or it menaces the entire enterprise and plan of astute approach, undermining all this […]

February 18

Single Asian Female – Interpersonal relationships are not an island. (Theatre Review)

Single Asian Female Belvoir Street Theatre 16 Feb – 25 March. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Dan Boud Michelle Law’s very clever play, Single Asian Female begins with its title; Single. Asian. Female. For Pearl (Hsiao-Ling Tang) a newly divorced category of the population called the woman-wife, the repercussions of her service trade […]

December 09

Barbara and the Camp Dogs – The unholy cry of Ursula Yovich. (Theatre Review)

Barbara and the Camp Dogs Belvoir Theatre 2-23 December – You can grab your tickets here We “good” Aussie white folk nod in recognition to the theory of “Decolonise, Don’t Recognise” but putting these good intentions to task is another thing altogether. As the extraordinary Ursula Yovich stands before us and yawps her lament, we […]

July 31

Beirut Adrenalin – The political left and their failed revolution. (Theatre Review)

Beirut Adrenaline Currently Showing at The Belvoir St Theatre From July 27 to August 14. You can grab your tickets here. The left wing thinker lives in perilous times, for we are forced to examine the futility of our reasoning and the power fear can provoke for those who wield it willy nilly. Traditionally champions […]