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SFF: Beasts of the Southern Wild – A film for the Bourgeoisie.

It’s difficult to talk about films like this – films that create a lot of buzz, are very complex in their multiple themes, and rely very heavily on the advantages of context. Overall, I would have to say I didn’t like Beasts of the Southern Wild.  I found it arrogant, preachy and patronizing.  Having said […]

Sydney Film Festival 6 June to 17 June 2012 – My home for the next 12 days.

Lucky lucky me starts my Sydney Film Festival experience tonight – hot hot hot on the heels of Cannes, I have several of the Cannes line-up and winners to see, as well as a slew of other wonderful films. Of particular interest is the films Holy Motors (trailer featured above) and “Moonrise Kingdon” as they […]