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May 27

The Walworth Farce – Enda Walsh speaks through Sydney. (Theatre Review)

The Walworth Farce Workhorse Theatre Company and bAKEHOUSE Theatre May 18 to June 9 You can grab your tickets here. For Enda Walsh as he writes in The Walworth Farce (and in so many of his other plays) life constitutes multiplicities. Indeed, to exist is a multiplicity. For the Ireland he writes of so eloquently […]

February 10

Visiting Hours – Immersive theatre that satisfies. (Theatre review)

Visiting Hours bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company Kings Cross Theatre Feb 7 to 17 You can grab your tickets here Images: Clare Hawley / Asparay Photographics Just as the stethoscope transmits profound and invisible events along a semi-tactile, semi-auditory axis, Visiting Hours at the Kings Cross Theatre seeks to engage the audience in a sensory engagement that develops […]

October 02

Puntila/Matti – Doppelgangster and the Marxist dialectic. (Theatre Review)

Puntila/Matti MKA and Dopplegangster with bAKEHOUSE at KXT. September 24 – October 17. You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Rupert Reid For John Paul Sartre, bourgeois theatre presents images. In his words, that is: “The image of man as eternally unchanging in a universe that never changes.” This is the image of a subject, […]

September 01

American Beauty Shop – Subjugation of the human by the spectacle. (Theatre Review)

American Beauty Shop Some Company, and Oleg Pupovac in association with bAKEHOUSE Kings Cross theatre August 25 – September 16 You can grab your tickets here. Steel Magnolias was written by Robert Harling in 1987 and like the film made two years later, it was hailed as a feminist classic (although many of the male […]

November 14

Good with Maps – Journey’s without, within and through time. (Theatre Review)

Good With Maps Invisible Circus, bAKEHOUSE, Siren Theatre Company Kings Cross Theatre November 4 – 26 You can grab our tickets here. Photo credits Lucy Parakhina   “I’m good with Maps” declares Jane Phegan immersed in her character created by Noëlle Janaczewska. It’s a bold and declarative statement, not unlike the badges of honour we appoint […]

June 11

Smudge – Disability and Trauma as a crises of language. (Theatre Review)

Smudge The Kings Fools and Bakehouse Theatre Company Kings Cross theatre, May 27 – June 11 (You can grab your tickets here) Images Liam O’Keefe The crises of disability, as immediately obvious in the four opening words of this sentence, is one of language. According to his 2004 paper Trauma without Disability, Disability without Trauma: […]

April 21

Shut Up and Drive; or Sex, Liberty and the Automobile – Love and Lust with our cars. (Theatre Review)

Shut Up And Drive; or Sex, Liberty and the Automobile Subtlenuance in associatin with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company. 9-23 April, King Cross Theatre. You can grab your tickets here.    “After being bombarded endlessly by road-safety propaganda it was almost a relief to find myself in an actual accident.” Crash (J.G. Ballard) Shut Up And Drive […]

November 17

Roadkill Confidential – Mind bending theatre that evokes the wild ride. (Theatre Review)

Roadkill Confidential Lies Lies and Propaganda theatre company Kings Cross theatre, Kings Cross Hotel 11 – 28 November. You can grab your tickets here Images Emily Elise In Roadkill Confidential, moralising in all its forms, including strong characterisation, is absent. All the characters float by us. They are ephemeral creatures, existing as if they were […]

July 14

The Ishmael Club – Arts funding and the question of excellence. (Theatre Review)

The Ishmael Club The Old Fitz theatre from July 7 to 18 You can grab your tickets here Can I just say first up, how wonderfully appealing it was to see an Australian play that had an equal number of female performers to males? I get tired of bleating on about it as I write […]

May 14

His Mothers Voice – bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company and a cast of millions. (Theatre Review)

His Mothers Voice bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company ATYP 30/4/14 through to 17/5/14 You can grab your tickets here.  In Mao Zedong’s 1937 essay “On Contradiction” he further examines the theories of Marx and Lenin around dialectical materialism and the idea of the contradictions that, for Marx, provided the impetus for further human evolution but for Mao, […]