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February 04

Tremolo – Mike Majkowski’s writhing sound. (music review)

It’s only the start of February in this new year and I have already had one of the busiest years on record. By all accounts its only going to hot up over the next few weeks and months, but on Saturday night I am going to see one of my favorite Australian Jazz bands perform. […]

Peter Blamey – Forage: the sound of Kafkas Burrow.

The short blurb on the back of the beautiful Avant Whatever disc by Peter Blamey, Forage has this to say: On these recordings, eight salvaged computer motherboards and tangled bunches of exposed copper wire form a feedback network with the aid of some small amplifiers  Moving the wire by hand makes and/or breaks any number of possible circuits, which produces and /or changes the sounds heard […]

Sam Pettigrew – Domestic Smear: Bass as Theatre

The claim made by Sam Pettigrews beautiful disc Domestic Smear is that the bass acts as theatre in order to have us question the very triggers inside us that provide the already always aspect of who we are and how we listen.  Here is the central premise and the primary claim of Domestic Smear: “Domestic […]