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August 09

Last Cab to Darwin – What is it to live the fulfilled, examined life? (Film Review)

Last Cab To Darwin is pure triumph of the mcguffin, the made-famous-by-Hitchcock device where an object, goal or desired place is deemed to be the focus of a heroic journey, but reveals itself to be nothing other than the distraction against which a narratives primary purpose is posited. The significance of technique used in a […]

June 19

An update on the ongoing question of why Australian Theatre criticism is valuable – even when I do it.

This post is a contribution to a contemporary debate about Australian theater, inspired by this post and this post, both of which I found illuminating and inspiring. When I feel generous toward myself (or haven’t outlined a plot for 2-3 pieces in a row) I like to state that I am a “critic” rather than […]

November 08

Rooted – Phil Rouse and Don’t Look Away bring Alex Buzo back. (Theatre Review)

Rooted, Alex Buzo’s sixth play, was first produced in 1969.  That means (from what I can gather) Buzo had Australians on the stage before, or at least at the same time, as David Williamson did, but somehow, unlike Williamson, Buzo got caught up in Australia’s cultural cringe and he never experienced quite the same level […]

June 01

The Removalists – Leland Kean asks us to examine how much has changed. (Theatre Review)

The Removalists is currently showing at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre (surely one of the loveliest places to see a play in the world). Grab tickets here. In some ways I think the 1970’s is a forgotten decade – perhaps more pop culture parlance than in artistic studies. Sandwiched between the popular 1960’s and the 1980’s […]