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July 13

Ruben Guthrie – Sydney as Narcissus and Aussie drinking culture. (Film Review)

Ruben Guthrie opens in Sydney July 16. The enormous and imposing image of Zoya, Ruben Guthrie’s estranged fiance, is plastered over the wall of his home acting as judge, pledge and talisman over the year of sobriety he promises her in exchange for reinstating their relationship. It is the pure sustaining of an identity through […]

May 16

Mad Max Fury Road – George Miller and the feminist touch. (Film Review)

Warning: This review contains spoilers. One of the strengths of the Mad Max franchise is its undisclosed historical time frame. This is never truer than in the first Mad Max film, when an opening sequence informs us of the near future setting, but remains poignantly ambiguous, as if to declare the exasperation of existing problems. A favourite […]

January 01

2014: An interesting year in film. The best films I saw last year.

Well, I hate lists, because they are always about the list maker and project the kind of misplaced authority grading always implies. I spend a great deal of time trying to work out why I like or don’t like a film, examining my initial responses against my always evolving barometer for integrity, and searching for […]

The Eye of The Storm – sex and molestation for those over 55.

Review: The Eye of the Storm Like most Australians, I haven’t read any Patrick White. You see, it’s complicated for us. Australia suffers from the worst cultural cringe of almost any Western Nation (something our close neighbours the New Zealanders take great pleasure in observing) and to have an Australian awarded a Nobel “for an […]