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January 27

Selma – an American problem, an American film, an American audience. (Film Review)

Selma is a specific film made for a specific audience at a specific time. It is a well made film, that includes competent performances, a high level of technical acumen and is directed by one of Americas most interesting directors. Its purpose is two-fold; to highlight a specific problem to the American people that recent […]

November 17

Jade Emperess discovers Australia – Theatre I was late to review. (Theatre Review)

Jade Empress Discovers Australia The Sydney Fringe. No longer playing. Find out more here. There are many joys to be had at the Sydney Fringe, all the more if you’re willing to open up your heart and your mind to the principles of The Fringe Festival, which is largely that local creativity in the arts […]

November 13

1790: A tale Not Often Told – Robert Thomson reminds us that we are our history. (Theatre Review)

1790:A Tale Not Often Told Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre 13-15 November. You can grab tickets here. I remember once hearing David Malouf speaking about the Australian’s resistance to assimilating American culture. We were gathered (virtually at his feet but not quite) at a bookshop in Sydney and he was talking about American’s that were […]

June 19

An update on the ongoing question of why Australian Theatre criticism is valuable – even when I do it.

This post is a contribution to a contemporary debate about Australian theater, inspired by this post and this post, both of which I found illuminating and inspiring. When I feel generous toward myself (or haven’t outlined a plot for 2-3 pieces in a row) I like to state that I am a “critic” rather than […]

May 13

Lisa chats with Justin Fleming, author of His Mothers Voice. (Theatre Interview)

His Mothers Voice – grab tickets here. My very wonderful conversation with Justin Fleming is one of the beautiful things that happened to me in the early days of April that was “delayed” by “life” getting in the path of my blogging and the virtual world that we all know is the really real anyway. […]

January 22

Hotel Sorrento – Hannie Ryson and Genesian Theatre examine the Cultural Cringe. (Theatre Review)

Hotel Sorrento Genesian Theatre 18 January through to 22 February Buy tickets through the Genesian Theatre Website.      “The problem with loyalty is that you can keep on and on, living a lie. And you don’t even know you’re doing it.” Australia is not the only post-colonial country to suffer from the cultural cringe, […]

August 29

The Rocket – Kim Mordaunt and the intelligent feel good film. (film review)

If we must have feel good films these days (and we must) at least let them have a brain as well as a heart. Let them expose us to our global differences as well as our similarities without trying to ‘educate’ us. Let them inspire us without reducing our struggles to personal weakness. Let them […]

Alex White – Genuine Instability: Intensity pushed to the edge

Justice Yeldham @ Alex White’s ‘Genuine Instability’ album launch (AVANT WHATEVER), Serial Space 18.02.11 from Records: Experimental Sydney on Vimeo. Alex White is a laptop musician from my hometown, Sydney Australia.  This is a true noise musician in the electronic style, taking pure sound and attempting to order it into some vague coherency we can […]