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February 03

Intersection 2019 Arrival – the hopeful corruption of young theatre makers. (Theatre Review)

Intersection 2019: Arrival Stables Theatre ATYP@Griffin 30 Jan – 16 Feb. You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Tracey Schramm Socrates, the father of all philosophers, was condemned to death on charges of “corrupting youth.” To paraphrase Socrates via Alain Badiou, corruption of youth does not involve power, sex or money. Actually, it‘s the reverse […]

August 22

Dignity of Risk – Beauty in the internal dialogue. (Theatre Review)

The Dignity of Risk Shopfront’s harness ensemble and ATYP At the ATYP studio 9 August to 26 August. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Tracy Schramm It is the (anti)fashion right now, to question our perception of others. Often analysis of the problem surrounding this thought function is a presumption of unconsciousness in those […]

May 01

Spring awakening – The Musical : Young adults and the freedom to make mistakes. (Theatre Review)

Spring Awakening – The Musical ATYP Studio 1, The Warf 27 April – 14 May. You can grab your tickets here. Contrary to popular contemporary belief systems, passion and perversion are uniquely human in the animal kingdom. Therefore our budding interest in sexuality is the very terrain when humans detach themselves from nature. For human’s […]

February 13

All Good Things – ATYP The Voices project. (Theatre Review)

All Good Things ATYP – The Voices Project 3 Feb to 20 Feb – you can grab your tickets here Note: ATYP (of course) is continuing its committment to emerging writers and young actors even though The Voices Project itself if coming to an end. The Voices Project has been a thrilling start to the Sydney […]

February 10

Between Us – The Voices Project 2015 at ATYP. (Theatre Review)

  Between Us 4 feb to 21 Feb The Warf Theatre – you can grab tickets here. Photography by Tracey Schramm. The voices project at ATYP is always one of the highlights of the Sydney theatre calendar, a great way to start the year and an always optimistic look at up and coming talent and the […]

May 14

His Mothers Voice – bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company and a cast of millions. (Theatre Review)

His Mothers Voice bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company ATYP 30/4/14 through to 17/5/14 You can grab your tickets here.  In Mao Zedong’s 1937 essay “On Contradiction” he further examines the theories of Marx and Lenin around dialectical materialism and the idea of the contradictions that, for Marx, provided the impetus for further human evolution but for Mao, […]

May 13

Lisa chats with Justin Fleming, author of His Mothers Voice. (Theatre Interview)

His Mothers Voice – grab tickets here. My very wonderful conversation with Justin Fleming is one of the beautiful things that happened to me in the early days of April that was “delayed” by “life” getting in the path of my blogging and the virtual world that we all know is the really real anyway. […]

March 14

Stop Kiss – Anthony Skuse and the Crises of public love. (Theatre review)

Stop Kiss Unlikely Productions 5 March to 22 March – Tickets available here.  In his directors notes to Stop Kiss, Anthony Skuse cites Roland Barthes A Lovers Discourse: Fragments (Noonday Press, New York 1978) to further explain Callie’s position in Stop Kiss as a catastrophe – a crises of immediacy that means through one event, […]

February 10

Bite Me – Anthony Skuse and The Voices Project. (Theatre Review)

Bite Me ATYP Studio Theatre, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay February 5-22, 2014 Book for Bite Me here. When a director agrees to present the ten chosen plays from the ATYP The Voices project, they are agreeing to find a way beyond the key theme to connect the disparate voices which, if the project has been […]

November 18

Sweet Nothings – John Kachoyan and Pantsguys Productions bring David Harrower to new life. (Theatre Review)

There is a reason Arthur Schnitzler’s play Liebelei (Flirtation), also known as The Reckoning when it was adapted for film by the great Max Ophuls, Dalliance when it was rewritten by Tom Stoppard and Sweet Nothings when it was rewritten by David Harrower, has been adapted and rewritten so many times by such great artists as […]