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July 01

Interview with Steve Hopley, director of La Ronde. (Theatre Interview)

LA RONDE IN THE ROUND Enigma presents LA RONDE By Arthur Schnitzler July 2 to 12, 2014 You can grab your tickets here.¬† Ten couples. Ten scenes. A round dance of love, sex and infidelity. Written in Freud’s Vienna in 1897, Arthur Schnitzler’s psychological investigation of sex was never intended to be performed. After publication […]

November 18

Sweet Nothings – John Kachoyan and Pantsguys Productions bring David Harrower to new life. (Theatre Review)

There is a reason Arthur Schnitzler’s play¬†Liebelei (Flirtation), also known as The Reckoning when it was adapted for film by the great Max Ophuls, Dalliance when it was rewritten by Tom Stoppard and Sweet Nothings when it was rewritten by David Harrower, has been adapted and rewritten so many times by such great artists as […]