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October 22

A View from the Bridge – Iain Sinclair and the justification for Arthur Miller. (Theatre Review)

A View from the Bridge Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre – 18 October -25 November You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Supplied by Red Line Productions A real question exists for the serious theatre-goer as to what is happening when we see repeated texts. As a great writer friend of mine suggested […]

October 26

All My Sons – SUDS takes a fresh look at Arthur Miller. (Theatre Review)

All My Sons Sydney University Dramatic Socitey Find out more about SUDS and All My Son’s here. Arthur Miller was right to question the moral obligations of the individual under capitalist rule. When the law belongs to those who can afford the best defense it behoves the individual and those around him to decide where […]

May 04

The Hunt – Thomas Vinterberg and the Salem Witch Hunts. (film review)

When recording data about the Salem Witch trials in 1963, Governor William Phips had this to say: “When I put an end to the Court there ware at least fifty persons in prision in great misery by reason of the extream cold and their poverty, most of them having only spectre evidence against them and their mittimusses being defective, […]