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May 06

Farewell to the art posts.

It is with mixed feelings that I inform my regular readers of this blog (have I told you lately that I love you?) that I have removed virtually all the art posts from these pages. The reason behind this is, primarily, the spate of negative comments I received because I used Wikipedia as the information source. Because I […]

January 05

The NOW now festival – A Festival of Exploratory / Spontaneous / Experimental / Improvised / Outsider / Other Musics.

January is always a busy time for Sydney-siders with our festival on and all, but this year I’ve decided to stick to the lesser known realms (even though Nick – i am madly in love with you – Cave is in town) and check out some art projects and such. I’ll be attending the Now Now festival – […]

December 31

A little rest that’s over now.

Hello my lovely treasured readers… Well I took a sort of unscheduled break throughout December  and it has been wonderful for the psyche, but also for the inspiration. As of tomorrow the posts start fresh and I have a slew of beautiful music, stunning books and exciting films to talk about. The silly season was not so silly […]

Eugène Atget – Old Paris: photography of life at its most still.

I was lucky enough to attend the Eugène Atget exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW a couple of weeks back.  I have collected A few of the images here. These have simply been collected from a search.  I have linked them all back to the exhibition web page. If anyone sees any image represented her […]

Toc Sine – Drawings: Music defining the act of creation.

Despite what we think, the hurly-burly swirl that is our lives today is a choice. We talk about and act as though we are overwhelmed as life and the world come crashing in on us, but the truth is, we can turn off the internet, we can turn off our phone, we can pick up a book […]

Announcing changes to the Lisa Thatcher Blog

Good morning my lovely readers. This is a post to let you know there will be some changes to the blog from today forward. I want to thank everyone for your encouraging readership. In terms of daily hit statistics and people signing up, the blog has been a great success in my little world.  Many […]

Piet Mondrian – Line over Form

Please note:  this post is not written by me.  I have taken the Wikepedia article, on Piet Mondrian and added in images to enhance appreciation of what he was doing.  I don’t own the images nor do own the words. If anyone sees anything here that they feel they need acknowledgement for, please contact me […]

La Belle Noiseuse – Jaques Rivette toys with artistic temperament.

In the hands of such a deft film maker as Jaques Rivette, one assumes every feeling, every idea existent during the film was planted there by the master. Given this assumption and its likely accuracy, what is the most surprising about La Belle Noiseuse is the conflicting inner response to the artists methods experienced while […]

Enrico Malatesta – Bestiario Volume 2

Available from Experimedia.net. Here’s a new 7″ from the ‘Bestiario’ series by Italian percussionist Enrico Malatesta. Bestiario is a series of short compositions for solo acoustic percussion, recorded live with no overdubs or editing. Using extremely dense micro-structures, broken rhythms and fast tempi on a very reduced percussion set, those pieces are meant to explore a […]

Music That Accentuates Life

I wanted to share some art and music highlights for me over the last year and a half or so.  I know it’s an odd, random sort of post, but Music became very important to me – quite suddenly a year and a half ago, and the how’s and why’s of that journey can be […]