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January 31

Pomona – The horror and beauty of the sandbox game. (Theatre Review)

Pomona Secret House in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre At KXT 24 January – 8 February You can grab your tickets here. Images Clare Hawley Please note: I attended this production as a full paying ticket holder in order to relay a complete audience member experience. I did not receive any gratuity from a publicist or […]

June 03

Normal – Society as the hysteric. (Theatre Review)

Normal The Uncertainty Principle and The Old 505 Theatre 29 May – 15 June You can grab your tickets here Currently showing at the 505 Theatre in Newtown is Katie Pollock’s Normal, a fascinating examination of the way that societal pressures can impose themselves upon the bodies of the unsuspecting, or in this case, young […]

May 06

Normal: Lisa chats with Katie Pollock. (Theatre Interview)

Normal The Uncertainty Principle and The Old 505 Theatre 29 May – 15 June. You can grab your tickets here. Images: James Balian It was enormously interesting reading into The Town that Caught Tourettes in order to interview writer Katie Pollock about her forthcoming play Normal. Mass psychogenic illness is a baffling condition that has […]

June 19

Air – Grieving births new fathers, new histories. (Theatre review)

  Air 13 – 30 June 2018, Old 505 Theatre You can grab your tickets here. Images: Mansoor Noor For writer Joanna Erskine and through her director Anthony Skuse, Air is a departure as well as a homecoming. Through the vehicle of grief (another kind of birth process) an inverted Oedipus mythic melodrama unfolds around […]

December 11

The Seagull – Actors transcend writers by the embodiment of text. (Theatre Review)

The Seagull The Depot Theatre with Secret House Theatre Company From 6 – 16 December. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Bob Seary The aesthetic stage, by its very nature, is severed by the ethical problem of concrete existence – self choice. The stage is for Chekhov an artificial actuality or shadow existence. Theatre […]

October 07

Birdland – The power and problems of The Audience. (Theatre Review)

Birdland New Theatre 3 October – 4 November You can grab your tickets here.  A critical feature of contemporary culture is the power of The Audience to divide and differentiate the socius. Birdland by Simon Stephens is a modern-day character study of a particular celebrity, his moral corruption at the hands of fame, money and […]

August 04

4:48 Psychosis – Lisa chats with Anthony Skuse (Theatre Interview)

4:48 Psychosis is at The Old Fitz from 16 August to 9 September. You can grab your tickets here.  The Sydney theatre community is maturing into a distinctive vehicle for theatre written about, for and engaged with the female voice. It’s a thrilling time for a witness such as myself. A time filled with inspiration, […]

September 09

Ride & Fourplay – The beauty and difficulty of human relationship. (Theatre review)

Ride & Fourplay Darlinghurst theatre Company till 4 October You can grab your tickets here. Images credit: Robert Catto The impact on our life of technology can’t be denied, but it is particularly prevalent in the speed at which we are forced to move these days. A Chris Rock joke circulating a few months back […]

May 18

The house of Ramon Iglesia – Subtle, poignant beauty at the old Fitz. (Theatre review)

The House of Ramon Iglesia Mophead Productions at The old Fitz Theatre 12 May to 6 June You can grab your tickets here. The House of Ramon Iglesia has many poignant moments, but particularly affecting is a scene when, drunk and devastated at a swindle because of his own ignorance, Ramon falls in the streets on […]

August 26

Constellations – Nick Payne, chance and free will. (Theatre Review)

Constellations Darlinghurst Theatre Company 13 August – 7 September You can grab your tickets here. Qantam mechanics and the theory of relativity are the already becoming tired symbols of “intelligence”. they are particularly thrilling in the wake of the weird idea we got that science could replace God – despite not being completely sure of […]