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May 04

Edward Gants Amazing Feats Of Lonliness – The audience has lost its way. (Theatre review)

Edward Gants Amazing Feats of Loneliness PACT theatre, Polyamorous Productions 4 May to Saturday 7 May. You can grab your ticket here. Photo credits: Liam O’Keefe When Anthony Neilson has Edward Gant (Will Hickey) forge his final tragic lament, it is impossible to miss that his soulful loneliness is the loneliness of theatre itself. He […]

March 30

Stitching – Little Spoon Theatre Company shine a light on our inner darkness. (Theatre review)

Stitching Little Spoon Theatre Company at the Tap Gallery 26 March – 12 April. You can buy your tickets here. In some ways the provocations in Stitching come as a relief from the intensity of the play. Stitching is (in)famous for it’s in-your-face sex scenes, its brutal use of culturally significant horrors, and its dark […]

March 25

Lisa Chat’s with Mark Westbrook director of Stitching – Pt 1 (theatre article)

 Stitching  by Anthony Neilson Little Spoon Theatre Company Tap gallery 26 March through to 12 April You can buy your tickets here.  I have neither  seen nor read Anthony Neilson’s confronting 2002 play Stitching, so I am greatly looking forward to the Little Spoon presentation running at the Tap Gallery from March 26 through to […]