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September 30

The Intern – Nancy Meyers on trend as usual. (Film Review)

One of my favourite cinematic moments saw Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall listening to his daughter Alex (Ashley Johnson) through a toilet door as she cries and details the problems between herself and her boyfriend. When Nick tries to leap to her rescue she cuts him off and says “He’s a total player – I […]

May 27

Song One – The music of our united isolation. (film review)

Like many films unfairly derided, if you skim the surface of Song One, and point-blank refuse to be seduced by its depths, there is plenty at which to poke a pointy critical stick. A small estranged family, already burdened by grief, are united over one member laying in a coma in hospital, by using music […]

November 10

Interstellar – It’s better than you think. (Film review)

Like Lucy earlier on this year, pseudo-science keyboard warriors have come out in droves to trash Christopher Nolan’s ambitious, long sci-fi flick Interstellar, and also like Lucy, it doesn’t matter how many times Kip Thorne (upon whose work Interstellar is based, and who acted as both scientific consultant and executive producer to the film) or […]