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January 14

Ubroken – Americans worshipping Americans. (Film Review)

It will come as no surprise to find I had great hopes for Unbroken. I felt Angelina Jolie had worked on a truly subversive project with Maleficent, and I was very grateful to see a female character portrayed the way Jolie presented us with the great Disney villain. I knew the critics would be vicious […]

January 02

Films I missed in 2014: Starred Up (Film Review)

A film that is probably getting a little more love than it deserves, Starred Up is a 2013 made film released here in 2014 that is gaining some momentum by appearing on quite a few year-end lists. It’s popularity resides firmly in three performances; an astoundingly good Ben Mendelsohn, raw stripped back direction from David […]

May 30

Maleficent – Female power and the complete failure of critical analysis. (Film Review)

This review will include spoilers, which means I can’t post it on IMDB or most other places, but I can’t speak frankly about the problems of the films critique without spoilers, so I’m going with the spoilers. Be warned. Without any doubt, the most astonishing thing about the film Maleficent is the appalling inability of […]

May 24

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Doug Liman and the casting of the centrury. (Film Review)

Anyway you slice it, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a contemporary classic – and yes yes yes, I know what the common contrarian thinking is on this issue, but the reason “everyone hates” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is the same reason that makes Mr. And Mrs. Smith work so perfectly well. There is something […]